Difference Between Cognitive And Cognitive Psychology

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Compare and Contrast two different approaches to Cognitive Psychology This essay will be focused on two different approaches to cognitive psychology: Cognitive Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Cognitive Neuropsychology is concerned with the patterns of cognitive performance and emphasis on the cognitive effects of brain-damaged patients who suffered lesions, injuries or diseases, providing vest information on normal human cognition. (Eysenck and Keane 2015, p.5) Whereas cognitive neuroscience involves in-depth study of our brain and behaviours. As the brain contains numerous neurones and is so complicated, the cognitive neuroscience emphasis on the biological side of the brain and focuses on the lobes that are divided from the cerebral cortex. The main similarity of cognitive neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience is that they are both interested in brain-damaged patients and believe that different areas of the brain are highly specialised. For example, one of the main theoretical assumptions of cognitive neuropsychology states ‘modularity’, which means the modules in the cognitive system function independently, or separately of each other. (Eysenck and Keane 2015, p.6) In addition, it is also explained that these modules do show ‘domain specificity’, meaning the modules responds only to the specific kinds of stimuli but not the others. Compare to cognitive neuroscience, it is believed that ‘modules’, as well as ‘hubs’ are associated with high-level
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