Difference Between College And High School

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"I'M FINALLY FREE!" When we receive acceptance letters from our colleges, we expected to enter another dimension, college, and be "FINALLY FREE!". Most high school students dread "prison" also known as high school and look forward to the college experience, because college and high school differs in many ways. High school differs from college from the amount of freedom that you get, the atmosphere of both college and high school, and the diversity displayed. Personally speaking being a recent high school graduate and transitioning straight into the Summer B session of Central Florida College I expected many of these differences. Now being a proud college freshman, I feel as if these differences can help me with my path to success. One of the main differences between high school and higher education is the amount of freedom you receive. In college attending classes is an option, where as it's an obligation in high school. There aren't any deans searching for skipping students in college bathrooms. There are not any school busses picking students up to make sure they get to class on time. In college it is the students responsibility to be in class on time and prepared. Due to the fact that it cost hundreds of dollars for one class students take classes seriously. In college students get the luxury of choosing any class that the college offers. On top of that they have the freedom of choosing the specific time and teacher as well. They get to choose the teacher that best
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