Difference Between Communication And Communication

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Over the past few weeks I have made a conscious effort to pay close attention to and analyse the conversations I am involved in or I overhear on a daily basis. These observations both conform with and go against many of the points I was given regarding how males and females communicate. One of the most interesting times I observed this was a night I went to a party, where males and females mingled and talked amongst themselves, but also often divided themselves by gender. I have noticed girls are more discreet about what they say, they tend to whisper or gesture a lot more than males, they make use of inside jokes to make themselves feel more involved with their friends and they are less likely to shout or make a scene, even in a lighthearted manner. When talking in small groups, they tend to talk in lowered voices, as to not let anyone interrupt or overhear their conversations. They use provocative sentence starters such as: ‘I couldn’t believe that…’, ‘Sorry, I just find it funny how…’ or ‘Don’t you think it’s strange that…’. This also links to the fact that girls tend to discuss other people, personal relationships and feelings more than males tend to do. They speak in great detail about past conversations (‘And I was like…’ ‘Then she said…’). This is why they tend to be more discreet and secretive of their conversations, especially when amongst other females.

In contrast, boys are definitely more boisterous, straightforward and inclusive. They involve others in
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