Difference Between Communication And Nonverbal Communication

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Communication can be verbal or nonverbal, verbal communication is often misconstrued and nonverbal communication is often more direct. Men and women converse differently whether they are comparable to their partner or not; here are some differences in the way genders communicate from their body language. There is a difference in the approach, gesture, and body language. Which varies from person to person.
Men believe communication should have a clear purpose, while women on the other hand often use communication to discover feelings and what the person they are talking to wants to say. Women hope to meet a man who is self-assured enough and interested when they approach them. They like to be approached from the front, rather than the back because they like to see what is coming their way to be to be assured that they would like to build a conversation with them or not, researchers think it is about “protection” (Science of People, 2017). Men prefer to be approached from the side or at an angle because it is less aggressive. The front approach is often interpreted as a charge at someone (Science of People, 2017). In the work environment, it is an easy way to meet a woman or a man who has the same interest in each other, whether in friendships or relationships. When approaching a woman at work, start a normal conversation, it is more likely for a woman to have their guard up when it comes to a man approaching them, do not talk about anything that will throw her off, but make her feel comfortable so she can maybe put her guard down. Some men may be intimated, or feel like their manhood is at risk when a woman decides to approach them. Although there is a difference between their interpretation of their approach between a man and a woman, it is evident that both parties take pleasure of their confidence of each other. When a man approaches a woman, they look at a man’s appearance, meaning the way they are dressed, their hygiene and the way they are groomed. Women initially judge a man based on his looks, but for the majority of women, a man’s looks are not the important thing about him. However, when a woman approaches a man, they also look at a woman’s appearance, but men look at different things such as their
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