Difference Between Communication And Nonverbal Communication

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Every society has a different definition of normal as you look into the language they speak, nonverbal communication and body language of a specific culture. People who may have a disorder also have a different normal in the way they relate to others, and how they are viewed in society. What is then normal in one culture may mean something totally different in another, and the interpretation of body language, verbal and nonverbal communication can affect the way someone is looked upon or treated in the community the live, work and play.

Differences, Dialects and Disorders
Difference Versus Disorder
Are you Normal? We all wonder at some point in our lives if we are. Normal is defined as conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. We see there is a different standard of normal in every culture including language which is an exchange via code which includes the words, sentences, and texts that are used to convey ideas and feelings. The Cultural community also set’s a standard for normal as defined by: A social group of any size whose members share government and have a common culture and historical heritage (, 2004). When we look at normal communication we can see that it is a standard that’s set in a culture and it varies by social group and standard. A person from a different language community or cultural community may not fit into the “normal” range of another culture. I think this statement is true, and that someone

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