Difference Between Conscience And Conscience

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The Topic:
If there is a conflict between human law and a person’s conscience, which should he or she follow? What circumstances should influence his or her decision?
Basically conscience is the intuition, judgment or the aptitude of any individual which helps or assists in the differentiating between the right and the wrong. It can be termed as the moral judgment which is based on the values or the moral norms or rules and principles which different individuals possess and regard. Conscience is popularly known as a psychological term. It can be further defined as something which violates the values or the intuition of the individuals it can be considered a negative conscience while something which goes in accordance with the values of the person and his or her intuition it is considered in favor of the conscience or the positive conscience. At times the conscience doesn’t have anything to do with reasoning; people just go with the feelings or the first thing that comes to their mind without going in depth of the intuition or finding reason for it. Conscience is also referred to as the inner voice or the voice from within.
Human law:
While on the other hand the human law is something quite
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He raises various questions in his work and helps the people to identify what they should do and what they should ignore. He helps in making judgments regarding the confusion which is created when a person`s conscience does not match the human law made by the government. The author is of the view that the government which is interferes the least in the matters of the individuals is the best
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