Difference Between Content Writing And Creative Writing

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Difference between Content Writing and Creative Writing
Most people would think that all writing is the same and there is no difference between content writing and creative writing.
I am Jaison, doing my final year English literature. Being a literature student, creative writing is my comfortable space. I did my internship in Opteamize cloud solutions as a Content writer. I struggled trying to deliver content for articles and blogs. After 5 continuous days of the workshop, I had a clear conception of what content writing is. Later then I substantiated the differences between content writing and Creative writing.
At first I would like to give a gist on what is Content writing? and what is Creative writing? What is content writing?
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Another major problem is, There is a heavy competition in the midst of Creative writers than content writers.

8 Major Differences between content writing and creative writing CONTENT WRiTiNG CREATiVE WRiTiNG
Content writing has to stick to its foundation.
Creative writing does not have any boundaries. Content writing sells.
Creative writing entertains.
Content writing includes Articles and blogging.
Creative writing includes poems,stories,novels and fictions.
In content writing the writer’s vision is replaced with the client’s view.
In creative writing the writer’s vision is given the superior priority.
Content writing states only true facts.
Creative writing uses much of an Imagination.
The content writer focuses on the key-words than his creativity.
Creative writer focuses more on his creativity than focusing on keywords.

Content writing is for marketing purpose.
Creative writing is something people read for pleasure
There is no place for emotions in content writing.
Creative writing comprises of emotions and
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