Difference Between Criminal Justice And Crime Control

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Crime control model is basically detain, question and arrest and let the courts work it out to whether they are innocent or guilty. In the due process model, it is believed that it is better to let criminals who are accused yet not found guilty to remain free until proven guilty. The crime control model lets law enforcement officers do their job and find evidence to prove guilt or innocence while the due process model does limit the way said evidence can be found.
For a free society to remain free, crime should be stopped and dealt with at all costs. This is the most important function of the criminal justice system. The main goal of the criminal justice system is to expose the truth and or establish the guilt of the accused. Victims rights should be first and foremost, and criminal’s rights should take a back door. In a free society, law enforcement should be able to freely investigate arrest, seize, search and convict those who are guilt. Red tape should be eliminated which will allow police to freely do their job. The criminal justice system should work like a well-oiled machine dealing with cases swiftly and to an end.
In the due process model, the main goal of the criminal justice system should be able to provide fairness under the law. The criminal justice system should focus on the rights of defendants, not victims where under the bill of rights it provides protection for the rights of defendants. The police should be limited in what they can and cannot do to
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