Difference Between Critical Thinking And The Business Environment

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Critical Thinking and the Business Environment An organization’s ability to function efficiently relies on the capability of its leaders to make timely, well-informed decisions. Therefore, businesses require knowledgeable and experienced personnel who are capable of identifying and overcoming problems in order to prevent disruptions in the operational cycle and keep things running smoothly. Failure to quickly respond to problematic issues can lead to poor decisions that can not only cost a company valuable time, money and profits, but opportunities as well. Thus, the ability to think critically is an essential skill within the business environment. The following text will discuss the difference between critical thinking and creative thinking, the steps involved in formulating a business problem, and the roles that different personalities play in critical thinking. Critical thinking is an intellectual process of active and skillful conceptualization, resulting in the application, analyzation, synthetization, and/or evaluation of data that has been either collected or produced by means of various methods and ultimately acts as a guide to belief and action (Defining Critical Thinking, n.d.). Alternatively, creative thinking is defined as “the ability to use the imagination to produce new ideas or things” (Creativity, 2006). The primary difference between the two is that the former is a defined process with difinitive steps and methods; while the latter relies primarily on an
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