Difference Between Daoism And Confucianism

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Confucianism and Daoism Confucianism originated from Confucius and The Five Classics. The Five Classics provided both the ideology and framework that informed government policy. They includes the descriptions of deities, ghosts, and spirits, and the rites. Similarly, the primary source of explanations, the Book of Rites, also explains how the rites serve the ultimate goal of Confucianism, which is “the creation of a harmonious society through careful self-cultivation not for the sake of the self, but for the sake of the society”. The Classics make it clear that a peaceful and harmonious society cannot be achieved without harmony in the family. The section on “Principles of Sacrifice” in the Records of Rites explains that a ruler must have a wife to assist in both state and familial duties. Furthermore, the king and queen were together responsible for making offerings at the ancestral temple representing the imperial family. Interestingly, there is a balance of yin and yang, which is reinforced by the first two trigrams in the Classic of Changes. Qian (Heaven and the creative) is represented by three solid lines, while kun (Earth and the receptive) is represented by three broken line. Confucius is revered as the…show more content…
It is relevant because it acts as a bridge between philosophical and religious Daoism. It also provides examples of the shared cultural beliefs and practices of Confucians and Daoists from the Zhou era. In addition, Like the ideal Confucian ruler, the Daoist ruler possesses a virtue-power that is capable of influencing lesser persons. In sum, I believe that Confucianism is much more practical for the average practitioner due to its focus on family. In addition, two key aspects of Confucianism are the importance of filial piety or devotion and humaneness which is reflected in two characteristics. These characteristics are loyalty and empathetic understanding or
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