Difference Between Dionysus Spirit And Apollo Spirit

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1. Dionysus Spirit and Apollo Spirit
Nietzsche has pointed out in his maiden work that the continuous development of art is under the restraint the duality of Apollo Spirit and Dionysus Spirit in the way bearing under the duality of sex, which endlessly fights with one another with seasonal compromise. From the angle of Nietzsche, Apollo art is fine arts while Dionysus art is musical art, obviously, there is a great opposition between them. Dionysus and Apollo Nietzsche has mentioned originated from Ancient Greek Mythology. In the Birth of Tragedy, he used symbolism to express Dionysus and Apollo in Greek mythologies: Apollo represents as the magnificent icon of “Individualization principle”, which means “Individualization principle” is just phenomenon, “Will” is the essence that control individuals, therefore individuals are in eternal pain. How to avoid this pain? Nietzsche found in mythology Apollo, the God of light who gained the upper hand of the elegant
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Due to the amendment to mythology by history and religions and itself development, the version vary. One version is: He was son of Zeus and mortal Semele. When he was fetus, Hera instigated her to require Zeus to show his true appearance. But after Zeus came to meet her with light and thunder, she couldn’t bear the power of Zeus and was turned to dust and ashes. At the same time, the only thing Zeus could do was to take out Dionysus, cut off his own leg and put him in. Therefore, Dionysus was reborn. Another popular statement is that Dionysus was son of Zeus and Demeter. Hera demanded Titan to arrest him and tear, swallow, with only heart left and looted by Athena, by which Dionysus was reborn. Afterward, the tales of the immortal Dionysus soon went virus everywhere in Greece. Even after he grew up, Hera still refused to let him go. She made him insane, roving around, during his journey, he taught peasants to vintage, by which he became Bacchus, one of the welcomed
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