Difference Between Drama And Drama

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Theater and Drama
Drama means to act or to do from the Greek dran. It means action literally. It is a composition in prose for enactment intended to portray life or character or to tell a story by action and dialogue. It is a process geared to the participant and does not require a formal audience.
Theatre is a building specifically designed for the purpose of presenting dramatic performances before an audience (Collier, 1995). It includes drama activities which may lead to formal presentation of a scripted play involving acting, directing, designing, and other technical aspects.

The Basic Elements of Theatre (Terrin Adair-Lynch)
Script/Text, Scenario, Plan
Script is a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; It is used in
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It arouses pity and fear in the audience as it witnesses the action. In classical tragedy we find a protagonist at the center of the drama that is a great person, usually of upper class birth. Tragedy involves the audience in the action and creates tension and expectation.
This genre should have the view of a “comic spirit” and is physical and energetic. It is tied up in rebirth and renewal. This is the reason most comedy end in weddings, which suggest a union of a couple and the expected birth of children. Comedy creates light feelings. The playwright uses comic devices such as exaggeration, incongruity, surprise, repetition, wisecracks, and sarcasm.
Melodrama is drama of disaster and differs from tragedy significantly. The protagonist is usually a victim of circumstance. He is acted upon by the antagonist or anti-hero and suffers without having to accept responsibility and inevitability of fate. Melodrama has a sense of strict moral judgment. All issues presented in the plays are resolved in a well-defined way. The good characters are rewarded and the bad characters are punished in a means that fits the
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