Difference Between E-Business And E-Commerce

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The following report will seek to Explain the difference between E-Business and E-Commerce providing examples where applicable to support the answer. Most if not all companies nowadays have realized that the internet is not only here to stay but that its influence in the way business is conducted will increase with the passage of time. We have all heard the terms e-business and e-commerce being used quite frequently but what do these terms really mean and what are the differences between the two terms that are being used. E -business and e-commerce are terms that are used to differentiate one vendors' product from another. Both terms are different, and that difference matters for today's companies. The ‘e’ stands for electronic networks and describes the application of the electronic network technology. This include Internet and electronic data interchange (EDI) and is used…show more content…
 Two basic issues: privacy and job loss.  By making it easier to store and transfer personal information, e-business presents some threats to privacy. First, most electronic payment systems know who the buyers are. It may be necessary, then, to protect the buyers' identities. Businesses frequently use encryption to provide this protection.  Another major privacy issue is tracking. For example, individuals' activities on the Internet can be tracked by cookies. Cookies store your tracking history on your personal computer's hard drive, and any time you revisit a certain Web site, the server recognizes the cookie . In response, antivirus software packages routinely search for potentially harmful cookies.  In addition to compromising individual privacy, the use of EC may eliminate the need for some of a company's employees, as well as brokers and agents. The manner in which these unneeded workers, especially employees, are treated can raise ethical issues: (From
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