Difference Between Eastern And Skin Deep

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I. Introduction
How a person looks like is highly relevant to the health condition, the mood, the makeup and the personality. So the phrase “skin deep” is used to describe a thing looks superficial but actually has connections with deep factors. This essay is going to talk about the skin deep difference between western and eastern aesthetics.
II. Background
In the past two hundred years of globalization, difference between western and eastern aesthetics has been ignored and somewhat, eliminated. The effort of promoting western aesthetics to the east is like transplanting the skin of a European on a Asian body. But, single culture cannot last without others. The importance of intercourse (verkehr) was emphasized by Karl Marx(1818-1883, a German philosopher) in "Critique of Modern German Philosophy According to Its Representatives Feuerbach, B. Bauer and Stirner". He believed
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When ancient Chinese was working and sharing together, Greek had to deal with foreigners to get food (from Egypt) and metal (from Persia) individuals. The value of individual was emphasize by Greek philosophers. Protagoras (490-420 B.C.) said ”Man is the measure of all things” which means each person have the right do decide what is beautiful and good. And Socrates said the purpose of philosophy is to “know yourself”. So their justice is also based on the plenty respect to individual. Epicurus (341-270BC) thought there is no such thing call absolute justice as long as a contract protecting both could be established. So their law and nation, which could be seen as the sum of individual relationship were also based on contract. When individualism came to art and religion, Greek created perfect human, heroes and gods because they are just extreme image of human
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