Difference Between Eastern and Western Architecture

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Acknowledgements The process of writing this thesis brings a great pleasure to me. It really broadens my mind and enlarges my vision. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the School of Foreign Languages of Hainan University to give me such a good chance to know more about “Situational Context and Text Coherence” and many linguists who have made great effort on those themes related to my topic, so that I can show some of my humble views. I would especially like to give my heartiest thanks to Mrs B, my supervisor, who devotes herself to enlightening me on the specific patterns and styles; I am really obsessed with her brilliant guidance and earnest attitudes towards those which are taken charge of by her. Without her…show more content…
This kind of civil construction materials from China for the end of primitive society , the same strain , and influenced Japan , Korea and other neighboring countries in the architectual style . 1.2 Dominated western architecture in stone For the West the choice of materials of construction , in addition to the different due to the natural factors , but more importantly , due to different ideas result . Mainly in the West to hunt of primitive economy created the orginal state of mind . Strone from the affirmation of the West can be seen on Western rationalism . The relationship between man and nature are emphasized in the masters of the world , human strength and wisdon to prevail . China to primitive agriculture-based economy has long been a source of civilization in the way of re-selsction , re-collection , re-storage approaches . Different building materials to bring Chinese and Western aesthetic differences . In general , the civil construction in China for the material texture and beauty of nature ; to the stone building materials of masculintu in full . 2. Layout of different architectural speace The layout of different architectural space reflects the culture of the Western Systern , the difference between character . 2.1 Chinese traditional architecture is the spatial pattern of closed groups Traditional Chinese architecture is spread on the ground plane , and there is a simple organization of them which are
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