Difference Between Errgonomic And Non Ergonimic Carrier

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The carriers are generally devided into two groups : ergonomic and non-ergonomic.
Non-ergonomic carrier is a type of carrying tool, which disregards the right position of the baby when it comes to the health point of view. On the other side, ergonomic carrier is made in a way to place the baby into a position, that properly supports the entire body and healthy body development. This is the main difference between ergo and non-ergonomic carriers. You can easily distinguish them on the first glance. In ergonimic carrier, the baby is facing the parent's body, has a rounded back, legs stretched wide and supported all the way to the knees. In the second case, the child is turned back to the parent, which does not allow him to have a properly rounded back, he is facing forwards and his legs are loosely down.If the word "kanguru" came to your mind, then you are right. You won't find it in our selection, because it's a non-ergonomic carrier.
Let's talk a bit more about individual ergonomic carriers.

Ergonomic carrier Manduca
It is a fabric cloth carrier, made of 100 percent cotton, made in Czech Republic.
Ergonomic carrier Manduca meets all the criteria of ergonomic carrying with an emphasis on maintaing the right "M" position of the baby and
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The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable, the hip belt is ragged and also padded for higher comfort. The space, where the carrier encircles knees is also filled for higher comfort - thanks to that, no bumbs occur even after longer wear. It possible to use the Tula carrier for carrying in the front, but also on the back. It has a removable hood, which can serve as the head support for a sleeping baby. Another very practical thing for carrying is a small pocket that can be used for putting away papers or other small things. It is placed at the hip belt. Ergonomic carrier tula is suitable for children from 7kgs but you can carry a newborn with the Tula neonatal
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