Difference Between Ethernet Frames And VLAN Tagging

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Ethernet Frames & VLAN tagging Inside of 802.1Q each VLAN frame is differently identified in comparison to common Ethernet frames with what is known as a 4-byte VLAN tag on the Ethernet header. An Ethernet Frame equates to being computer data packets that are broadcast as links then converts into a frame once shipped. Each Ethernet Frame consists of a destination or source MAC address then payload data relating to its type of Protocol e.g. Email Protocol, then lastly goes through a cyclic redundancy check to distinguish any corruption of data. Additionally, we come across The Tag Protocol Identifier which is assigned to 0×8100 to give the receiver permission to locate the supplemental header. There is also the Priority Code Point…show more content…
The ISL has power to host up to 1000 VLANs although 802.1q can enforce up to 4096. (Cisco, 2006) 802.2 Logical Link Control Moreover, the logical link control sublayer of layer 2 is the OSI model. It is surprising that Ethernet functions near the top of the first two layers within the OSI model, these are the Physical and the Data Link layers. Furthermore, the Data Link layer in Ethernet separates into two different layers named as the LLC (Logical Link Control) and MAC (Mac Address Control) layers. LLC is relied upon for the basis of communicating data through multiple end user systems over a LAN via a MAC link. A major benefit of LLC is its ability to initiate addresses and data link control by accepting data from the higher layers in the OSI model that are TCP/IP in order for effortless and problem free transportation on a network. There are other benefits which would give assistance to Chipset as it enforces successful control of flow, media exchange and attention to tracking. (Geier, 2002) HSRP – Hot Standby Router Protocol* In order to reach high network uptime networks can implement HSRP from Cisco to enable network redundancy towards IP networks. This can be in place so that traffic from users is efficiently dealt with straight away and the network can first hop failures from network devices.

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