Difference Between Ethnicity And Class

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An ideology is a system of concepts which attempts to describe reality. Ideologies are established because truth is often too complex to be understood. They also imitate a bias and works for the benefit of a specific group. Some ideologies are well stranded in reality, whereas others are totally detached from reality and are only possible to explain in terms of the emotional and mental inspirations of its advocates. Ideologies either over-simplify reality or entirely alter it. Yet, it is at times suitable to speak mostly in ideological terms in order to make a point. Based on the supposition that gender, ethnicity and class are directly experienced, they are not only distinct traits but "something which is accomplished in interaction with others" who, further, condense these achievements responsible within established settings (West and Fenstermaker, 1997: 64). According to Collins these contained constructions to "difference," ignores "the power relations and material disparities that create domination" (Collins, 1997: 75). This simple justification is insufficient for other reasons as well, which arises from its basic ‘Race, Gender and Class’ assumptions; i.e., that each person has a race, gender, class identity, and that the impacts of all collective relations are instantaneously "gendered," "raced," and "classed" (West and Fenstermaker, 1997: 60). Therefore, these variances will be further discussed with reference to two popular American TV shows including Six Feet Under…
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