Difference Between Experimental Music And Progressive Music

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Appreciating experimental music and progressive music

In order to appreciate these two types of music, one must look at a bit of background of each. To start, music has distinct elements that audience members should learn to identify and recognize in music. Essentially, progressive rock draws on many other styles of music such as jazz, classical music especially from the baroque period as well as a touch of folk. Whereas, experimental music is often assigned to any music that strays outside of accepted classification or exploration of sounds that the listener is not yet familiar with. This knowledge and information will help improve the listeners experience. Learn to appreciate the richness of music and bring more fulfillment to your life
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Most of the experimental composers and musicians viewed their instruments as unlimited and were constantly exploring its possibilities, searching for new and original modes of composition to create distinct effects or a new “language” that not everyone speaks yet or it is actually just sort of an attitude of openness and discovery. However, the melody used in the experimental music is not very readily appreciated because it is not very melodious, uses a lot of unusual character and somehow the music is being new to us, the relationship are not sufficiently effective. Listeners dislike it, because we expect something else from our musical habits. Progressive rock is also experimenting or generating new sounds through the development of recording technology such as mellotron. It made all sounds available for potential use as musical elements for both types of music. Even though listeners might find it hard to accept but listening to this kind of music did help us to better channel our creativity because it against and challenge our natural thinking. Listening to both experimental music and progressive music with understanding of it can became another way to invigorate the right-side of our
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