Difference Between Faith And Knowledge

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I enjoyed reading Pascal’s wager so much that I decided to write my paper on him. I’m going to dig deeper into his background and answer key questions like what is the relationship between faith and knowledge? Is faith in god justified? Why? How? In matters of faith and relationship with God, is the question of the existence of God even relevant? Why or Why not? I am going to answers these key questions in the upcoming paragraphs. I will briefly explain the argument of Pascal’s wager and the reasoning behind it. Is there a God? Should I believe in God? People think about this question everyday. Pascal is famous, among other things for his wager argument. It was a groundbreaking theory at that time. It’s basically a risk vs…show more content…
I will continue to defend Pascal’s argue that if you look at the bigger picture, it’s better to believe in God than it is not to believe. Pascal wanted us to make a choice. He was a mathematician and physicist. He developed the rules for probability, which we still use today. Which makes a lot of sense because Pascal basically paved the way for gambling. We will answer an important question, What is the relationship between faith and knowledge? Knowledge is both objective and subjective. Knowledge is attained through reason, faith is belief based without evidence, something that cannot be seen. Everything we know is a matter of perception. Science and history is a great example of knowledge and the bible is an example of faith. It makes me think back to one of our earlier classes that we were talking about Locke’s argument that we are born with a “blank sheet of paper” ideas and knowledge come to us through our experiences and senses. Descartes on the other hand believed that we are born with ideas/knowledge and you use experience to remember them. My view is that the relationship between faith and knowledge is that you should have faith only in knowledge, which you could then attain enlightenment through that because knowledge is wisdom. The older you get, the more wisdom you received. Pascal goes on to mention on page 357, “Who then will
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