Difference Between Family Dinners And Dinner Dinners

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Ethnography is a research method that includes cultures and customs. The way people interact with one another varies from person to person or group to group. The interactions between people tell a great deal about their feelings towards a person. Body language, tone of voice, vocabulary, and the way a person carries themself reveals much deeper information than just when words are exchanged. For this project I am going to research the difference between family dinners and roommate dinners (home away from home). Many people who attend college have heard the phrase or expression “a home away from home” or some variation of this. This phrase was researched through using an actual family and a “family” of four teenage girls who currently live together off-campus at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. The dynamic of two different “families” led to several different findings throughout the ethnographic research. There was an expected power dynamic between the actual family, but a very unexpected power dynamic between the four roommates. The concept of power was then further researched throughout this project to draw conclusions about men, women, rapport-talk, and report-talk. This ethnography research was proposed based off readings from the authors of Tannen and Kiesling. Tannen discusses the differences between the way men and women communicate with one another. During this ethnography project, there was one situation recorded with a male present and one without. Men

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