Difference Between Feminist And Social Contract Theory

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There are so many similarities as well as difference between Feminist Care Ethics and Rawlsian Social contract Theory. Before we compare and contrast two theories with each other, first we need to understand what exactly the philosophical theories of Feminist Ethics and Rawlsian Social Contract Theories are. These two theories both try to solve the issues of equally and justice in similar yet different ways. In one of John Rawls writings, A Theory of Justice, discusses the theory of Social Contract Theory. In his writing, he believes that is the best approach to have justice in society is to have all the following concepts: The Original Position, Veil of Ignorance and two Principles of Justice. All the ideas that he comes up were inspired from Immanuel Kant’s Universal Moral Law. John Rawls believes we have the ability to reason from a universal perspective. Under this idea, people can look at a situation from an impartial viewpoint to make moral judgements. The idea of Original Position, can only be used in hypothetical experiment. Original positions prevents us from having any knowledge about themselves. This prevents us from knowing what our place in society, social class, position, social status, natural assets, intelligence, strength etc. Essentially this concept is to block us from coming up with ideas that will affect the ideas of justice. In this way we would create fair laws that would not benefit or against toward certain age, sex, race or social statues etc. If
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