Difference Between Field Research And Desk Research

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This case study will deal with the questions about Marlow Magazines. 1. a) Identify the difference between field research and desk research. Use examples from the text. (4) Field research, also called the primary research, is the process carried out by an organisation for their own purpose, finding out information first-hand. Field research can aim questions directly at your research objectives and can sometimes be expensive. For example, in this case, the market research which was done by a specialist market research company is field research, because the information was gathered by on-street interviews using a questionnaire, which is a typical measure of field research. However, desk research, also called the secondary research, is the process of gathering data which already exists. In other words, another organisation has already done the research. Desk research usually based on actual sales figures, and the data often can be obtained without cost. For example, in this case, the market research which was done by Joanne herself is desk research, because the information already exists. b) Explain why Marlow Magazines has chosen to use both field and desk research. (4) MM’s aim was to launch a new product for teenagers. Considering that the time was limited, and doing desk research could help them have a good view of the market through researching on large samples, so Joanne decided to do desk research at first. However, the information was not tailored to their need,
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