Difference Between French And American Revolutions

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Both French and American Revolutions occurred in the eighteenth century. The French and American Revolutions had some similar origins. However, some factors of two revolutions and the consequences of these two revolutions were totally different.

First and foremost, both the American and French Revolutions fought for liberty and equality. Americans was trying to gain freedom from the rules and taxes put upon them by the British government. In 1770s, many Americans felt that their basic liberties were being stripped away. The most famous example is Patrick Henry. He said that “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?… Give me Liberty or give me Death!”. Similarly, the French were trying to abolish the French monarchy and all feudal privileges. The Third Estate also wanted to reshape the France where was a republic.

Although economic factors triggered the French and American
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Despite Louis XV death, French faced the internal and external crisis, such as the civil war of the Vendée against Paris, a domestic counterrevolutionary riot, in 1793. According to Jack, Maximilian Robespierre and his colleagues led a reign of terror, executing accused enemies of the revolution by the thousands. Afterwards, Napoleon Bonaparte advanced himself from consul to emperor. It meant that French was restored to the monarchy. However, America successfully became a republic state with a Senate, House of Representatives, and President, and all eligible citizens had voting rights. It may be because the organizers of the American revolution were Gentry, lawyer, businessman, and rich peasant, those intellectuals had a clear goal and good plan to protest British government. However, the main organizers of the French revolution were the Third Estate and the citizens, therefore, they might not have a consistent goal. Therefore, French was restored to the
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