Difference Between Freud And Psychosexual Development

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Essay on Sigma Freud psychosexual development and Erik Erikson Psychosocial development
In psychoanalytic theory is the theory of identity association and the elements of identity development that aides psychoanalysis, a clinical strategy for treating psychopathology. In the first place clinical out by Sigmund Freud in the late 19th century, psychoanalytic theory has experienced numerous refinements since his work. Sigmund Freud underscored the significance of the oblivious personality, and an essential supposition of Freudian theory is that the oblivious personality oversees conduct to a more noteworthy degree than individuals suspect. In fact, the objective of therapy is to make the oblivious cognizant. In Freudian psychosexual, development theory is an essential component of the human beings for the birth of sexual energy that develops in five stages. In these five stages Freudian characterized by the erogenous zone that is the cause of the libidinal drive. According to Freud, the child experienced sexual frustration to any of psycho sexual development in their young age, they would impatience that would face into their adulthood and face some mental problems or have a
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Therefore, there are many differences in each stage that are introduced in both theories and also the developmental issues that are encountered during each stage. The Freud’s theory he highlights the importance of biological forces, but in Erikson’s theory he did not give much importance of biological drive of an individual, on another hand he focused on social, environment and cultural factors. The major differences in Freud’s theory and Erikson‘s theory a fixation, because Freud’s thought that individual can develop a fixation if gratification is not offered at each
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