Difference Between God And Man 's Love For God

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In our Glossary of Theological Terms it said that Pentecost is the Greek penukoste hemers, meaning “fiftieth day”. I was surprise to see that the Glossary text saids, Pentecost is also celebrated several weeks after, Easter. It is definition of Pentecost that I have found that have said in there common words that Pentecost commentators the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples who were empowered to preach the Gospel and so Mark’s the beginning of the church. Also Acts (2: 1-13) this way of defining Pentecost springs tears to my eyes because I am one who Pentecost have empowered me to do exactly what the above orthopraxis have lead me to (text page 136).
I have also loved the fact that our professor Dr. Randall Woodard on April 2012, used this exact words in his Senior Seminar REL 498 paper “we simply need to look at the effects of difference between God’s love for man, and man’s love for God as the basis for a relationship by examining the event of Pentecost from Old Testament (Covenant) and The New Testament (Covenant). Once the law was given by Moses at Mount Sinai, it was the love of man for God that determined the strength and success of the relationship. And by proxy, his work or efforts. The result at the first Pentecost was that three thousand people died (Ex. 32: 27-29) On the New Testament in the book of Acts, that when using God’s love for man through faith or a foundation, Peter preached the Gospel and three thousand people were saved (Acts 2:41).

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