Difference Between Good Guy And Bad Guy

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Bad Guy vs Good Guy

Hey Babes, so before I begin I want to thank you for taking part of Inside Life and helping me choose out this topic!
I'm actually super excited to do this topic because I feel like sometimes us as woman or even men settle for what we think we deserve rather then what we actually deserve and that mainly has to do with what type of significant other you are associating yourself with! Sometimes we as woman or men tend to not know the difference between a bad guy and a good guy or we do but we stick around in hopes they'd change! Sometimes we as people tend to attract to our opposite self! Sometimes we as people get comfortable to who we are with that everything that's being said and done you get so accustomed to that lifestyle, whether good or bad you don't know what's right or wrong. Mainly the question is do you know if your significant other is a bad guy or good guy or what's the difference between the both and whose better ?

So let's begin with them bad guys. Some Women believe that behind every bad guy there's a good, sensitive, loving and caring man which is true but stubbornness and pride get in the way and they will never get anywhere in the long run.
Usually Men like this tend to tell women what they want to hear, they are selfish and if doesn't benefit them they get bored and move on! Men like this Can be authoritative, they tend to belittle there significant other to make them feel more powerful! Men like this won't motivate you, won't
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