Difference Between Goods And Services

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The major differences between goods and services in operations management are their goods, inventory, customers, labor and location. One major difference in the tangibility of their output. For example, a service firm would entail consultancy, training or maintenance, this is an intangible product. These services are not tangible object, but still provide a “product” for the customer. A good would be a tangible for the consumer. A company manufactures a certain product and the consumer is able to physically receive it. For example, A manufacturer such as Coke, Nestle, Honda and BMW. Another difference between a service and goods is their inventory. Service forms do not hold inventory, they provide a service when their customers ' need it. Manufacturers produce goods which creates an inventory. Inventory levels are created through supply and demand. A lot of companies only have a certain level of inventory in order to utilize their “space”. In addition a major difference between goods and services is their customer relationship. There is a high customer contact in the service industry. The service industry caters to their clients; meaning they adjust their service to the needs of the customer. For example, a consulting firm may only need to do four hours of work with a certain customer and twelve hours with another. In manufacturing goods there is low customer contact. Manufactures can produce their customers goods without having them submit an order, because they can…
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