Difference Between Heretic And Hypocrite

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Heretic and Hypocrite

The Christian faith is complex. It is a religion that preaches love, but centered at many hate rallies and speeches. Within the recent stretch of years especially, surrounding millennials and increase in crises, Christianity has entirely developed into a new beast. Due to hypocrisy within the Catholic Church, many are turned away by what it has become. The largest issues stem from the smallest of issues. A community grows from one individual, and if the individual takes on a different personality due to its environment, the community will become toxic.
Catholicism is no longer about serving God, but changing and taking on a different persona entirely. Today, serving God seems to have fallen from priority, replaced by Gospel gossip and conforming. Much of this creates fairly hostile environments that pressure individuals to change themselves to fit the molds set before them. Members become very judgmental and tied in with the gossip of their faith. College professor Olivia spoke of the community’s aid to her in trying times, but recounts the many changes she underwent, such as “judging …show more content…

Their questions now increase in quantity and beyond what can be answered. The dwindling number of faithful youth is staggering. Young people are less and less engaged in the church. Many may be Christian in name, largely due to upbringing. A survey, conducted by Lifeway Christian Resources, discovered 65% of youth who identify as Christian are “mushy Christians or Christians in name only… most are just indifferent” (Grossman 1). There is a difference in belonging to the faith and simply referring to oneself as Christian. The rate of these indifferent youth continue to grow. An increase in number is encouraged by lack of discourse and answers. Questions over faith lead to closed doors, enforcing silence rather than devotion. Gladys Pozza, Faith Formation leader of the Church of Annunciation,

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