Difference Between Hester Prynne In The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter Journal
❖ Chapter 2-3 – Describe your first introduction to Hester Prynne and your response to her. What comparison and contrast does Hawthorne make between Hester and her babe? Also explain the response of the crowd or people to Hester.
When Hester Prynne first comes onto the scene she is already criticized and hated by all the women in the crowd and most the men. They were saying things like,”...they should have put the brand of a hot iron on Hester Prynne’s forehead.” (42). Prynne is described as a beautiful, marvelous, well-off woman but is hated because she allegedly murdered her husband. Her baby is spoke of vaguely but is already an important character in the story. The author explains many times that her infant is
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The people of the city respect her more. The meaning of the “A” now stands for “Able” but because of its new meaning she loses a lot like her friends and no chance for love. The conversation between Hester and Chillingworth was about how Chillingworth is letting the evil take control of him and Hester feels guilty because she feels as if the promise she made is what caused him to let the evil take over. In the end of the conversation, Chillingworth relieves Hester Prynne of her silence…show more content…
Describe the miserable state in which Dimmesdale has been living. How does Dimmesdale describe hope that has sprung up from within him during their time together? What symbol does Hester throw off of her and why? How does the narrator describe Pearl at the end of this chapter in comparison to the forest and its creatures. Write a brief character analysis of Pearl including what you think she symbolizes.
Dimmesdale feels guilty because of how hypocritical he has been. After the two talked Dimmesdale is filled with anger at Hester for letting him be “tortured” all this time.
❖ Chapter 20-21 – Describe Dimmesdale’s new strange feelings about himself and what happened in the woods. Also, discuss the various people he meets along the way (church elder, elderly widow, young woman convert, sailor, children, and Mistress Hibbins) and his inner turmoil and desires to speak ungodly oaths to them. Lastly, describe his encounter with
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