Difference Between High School And College

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The authors essay is effective on distinguishing the difference between high school and college, but still still need to fix on being more in depth and also work on grabbing the audience attention.
The authors have good structure by comparing and contrasting because it helped to give the difference between high school and college, to inform their audience, which is new incoming freshman 's on what to expect in college. Comparing and contrasting makes a good argument, because it gives audiences the similarities and difference between two or more things to make a topic more clear and understandable.
For example, “ Reason 5, when the authors were talking about studying skills, saying students really didn’t have to study in high school, but in college studying requires more time.” The difference between high school and college study skills is great example of showing comparison and contrasting, because it makes the essay effective by getting an idea across to the intended audience.
While comparing and contrasting, the authors should have given more background information for more credibility for their paper, because it is important for the audience to know who their authors are and why did they write a particular essay, what was their influence on writing this essay or paper.
Background information makes an essay effective, because sometimes the audience do research on their author to find anything interesting they might like, also to find anything important in the author’s…
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