Difference Between High School And College

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The authors essay is effective on distinguishing the difference between high school and college, but still still need to fix on being more in depth and also work on grabbing the audience attention.
The authors have good structure by comparing and contrasting because it helped to give the difference between high school and college, to inform their audience, which is new incoming freshman 's on what to expect in college. Comparing and contrasting makes a good argument, because it gives audiences the similarities and difference between two or more things to make a topic more clear and understandable.
For example, “ Reason 5, when the authors were talking about studying skills, saying students really didn’t have to study in high school, but …show more content…

Background information for credit, so that another person can 't claim the author work as their own, having background information also reveals the author 's style of writing and how one interpret their work. For example, before starting their essay, the authors should have written two to three paragraphs about who they are, and where they came from, to give the necessary background information to their audience to get to know about them more instead of not giving anything at all, leaving the audience clueless, (334).
Writing a paragraph containing background information on themselves, would make it easier for the audience to read the essay, instead of focusing more on much of finding or doing research on the author 's life stories or experiences. Background information makes an essay effective, because it is intended to give overview of the essay and give main points of the topic written.
Although more background information is needed, the authors could have given personal narratives of other people to connect on greater level with their audience, because it helps to draw the audience 's attention into the essay and leave them wanting more, to have them feel related to the experience and help them understand the situation.
Connecting with the audience with a personal narrative, can sometimes lead and guide through an event of their own, that they might be going through or experiencing. Engaging with the audience, is a way to get a main idea across, to help understand

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