Difference Between Home And Country House

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What is a country house?
This is one type of residential home that is seen in almost every corner of the globe. The style itself varies widely. Frequently the geographic location, climate of the region and habits of the people have a direct bearing on the shape and style of a house in the country. The traditional country houses of this part of the world tend to be very ornate in design. They are generally made entirely out of wood and are hoisted on a ramp to avoid damages due to flooding. Indigenous houses are designed with a spacious patio, separate kitchen and bathrooms. The families use the patio as an open air living room.
Country house as your permanent home vs. country house as your holiday home
Instead of building a manor house as
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They are often built outside the boundaries of the city. The residents heavily invest in buying a secondary home. But they do so in other places than the city itself. It is quite common for them to buy or build manor houses in the picturesque locales of Malaysia.
Country dwellings are built using wood and bamboo. Intricate designs are made all over the outer walls and staircases. Sometimes the roof is thatched and at other times they too are carved from wood. Rumah Limas, very common in Indonesia, is also seen in various parts of the country.
Building a country house vs buying one
Building a country home costs significantly lesser than a house in the city. Many people like to combine a farmhouse with a country dwelling. Building a home has its own advantages as you can customise it according to your needs. If you only wish to visit this part of the country infrequently, you may choose to buy an existing house or opt for a prefabricated one.
Protective measures against possible natural disasters
If your house is located in a flood prone area, invest in such materials that are not going to deteriorate under such condition. Install flood alarms in the basement. It would be better to build your house on a raised ground. If it is a bamboo or wooden structure, you must also take due precaution against
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