Difference Between Indian And British Culture

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When considering the list of acceptable movie choices narrowing it down to one was difficult; I watched five before ultimately settling on one to use for my paper. However, as a female, daughter, mother, and major soccer fan, watching and analyzing Bend It Like Beckham presented an intriguing prospect. Additionally, prior to watching this film I had limited exposure to aspects of Indian and British culture, especially as it relates to females within them, so it appealed to my fascination with elements of sociology, or how culture influences perspectives, reactions, and expectations. As a coming of age story about Indian girl Jesminder’s desire to play soccer (or football as most of the world, the movie, and the remainder of this paper…show more content…
However, Mrs. Bhamra severely lacks the last two concepts, hearing what Jesminder says, without actually comprehending, or listening to, what the words are expressing. During a confrontation, shortly after discovering Jess playing football with a group of boys in the park, Mrs. Bhamra rants about the improperness of not only this instance, but any form of playing. Since she is now older and has “played long enough,” her mother does not want Jesminder “running around half naked in front of men.” After all, Mrs. Bhamra wonders, “what family will want a daughter-in-law who can run around kicking football all day” yet cannot cook a proper Punjabi meal? Not listening when Jess tries to explain that she is good and wants to play, she instead focusing exclusively on her desires and the shame it creates for the family when Jess is not behaving like a “proper woman.” These superior attitudes and behaviors do not sustain nor improve the mother-daughter relationship, instead, creating conflict and tension between them throughout most the movie. Further considering the seven characteristics of competent communicators, another feature significantly deficient regarding Mrs. Bhamra’s communication competence are an absence of empathy and perspective taking. Refusing to listen to what Jess is saying, makes it impossible for her to
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