Difference Between Inter-Professional Teamwork And Inter-Professional Team Work

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Inter-professional team work: Collaboration between team members is the key of successful team processes. It requires competence, confidence and commitment on the part of all parties (Henneman et al., 1995). Inter-professional team work can be defined as: “A dynamic process involving two or more health professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills, sharing common health goals and exercising concerted physical and mental effort in assessing, planning, or evaluating patient care. This is accomplished through interdependent collaboration, open communication and shared decision-making. This in turn generates value-added patient, organizational and staff outcomes”(Nancarrow et al., 2013). So, in the inter-professional…show more content…
So, we chose multi-professional teamwork and inter-professional teamwork to differentiate between those common overlapping and misleading terms. Multi--professional teamwork which is especially important for the successful implementation of such programs, since they require a high level of communication, coordination and cooperation among the health care professions (Schwarz et al., 2015). It involves several different academic disciplines who focus on one theme or problem but with multiple disciplinary goals and exchange knowledge without creating new theory. While the Interdisciplinary teamwork allow for connection between several unrelated academic disciplines who are exchanging knowledge and theory to solve a common research goal (Cronin, 2008). Recent researchers (Schwarz in 2015 and Cronin in 2008) said that chosen a certain team model may affect the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs as it showed that interdisciplinary teams was more effective than multidisciplinary
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