Difference Between Internal And External Recruitment

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External and internal recruitment Recruitment is simply means that the process of sourcing and planning the quality profiles for the companies which includes finding profiles that exactly matches the position. Effective recruiting are needed because it provide company to having better human resources, company can identify the best way to recruit employee talent through recruiting pyramid. Recruitment can be divided into two types, which are Internal Recruitment and External Recruitment. An internal source of recruitment involves recruiting internal candidates, which mean current employees that working in their own company are departed to other department or higher position. If the performance of employees is up to the mark, they will be giving…show more content…
Job posting are means that publicizing an open job to employees and listing out its attribution, such as qualifications or pay rate. Besides that, perusing of the skill bank database also can help on decide and managing persons who have the right background for the open job or who have potential for further training. The other example of internal candidates is rehiring. Rehiring employee that who left before have to depends on situation. Advantages of rehiring are former employees was already familiar with the company’s culture and clear on the way to solving problem. However, employees who use to leave the company may return with less than positive attitudes. Hiring former employees who resigned may be a wrong signal to current employees which that the best way to get ahead is to leave company. Internal candidates will bring a few advantages to the company. First, current employees may be more committed to the organizations; morale of employee will rise if employees see promotions as rewards for their loyalty and competence. Beside internal candidates also will require less orientation or training than outsiders because those employees are currently or rehiring and they know well on how are the work process and company
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