Difference Between Intuitive And Scientific Decision Making

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1.According to textbook(,p.616), making the ‘right’ decision helps a company to achieve their goals and objectives. Furthermore, a right decision might lead to finding other opportunities in order to achieve the business goals, by solving the problems. Similarly, it will help achieving competitive advantages against some of the main competitors, and help the company to being successful. The decision making can be of many forms, mainly structured and intuitive.
Intuitive decision-making is based on a person beliefs, personal perspectives, instincts and feelings. Entrepreneurs may not research every available option , but they rely on their own intuition. Utilizing this technique may carry a high risk, although decision-making is quicker, it is based on less information.
According to David and Robert(1999, pp.52-53), Scientific decision-making is a decision that follows some logical steps. These steps are as follows:
1. Identify a problem
2.Gather information about the problem, understand what you need to know before you can make a decision
3.Identify who will get the advantage or necessary to involve
4.Generate and analysis possible options and evaluate the alternatives
5.Select an alternative and team discussion
Therefore scientific decision-making is based on facts and evidence, rather than emotions.

The difference between Intuitive and Scientific Decision-Making:
Intuitive decision-making, in most of the cases it requires less research than scientific

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