Difference Between Kfc and Mcdonald's Dratt

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Table of Contents 1. Introduction With the improvement of living standards and the acceleration rhythm of life has encouraged more development of fast food consumption. Currently, fast food is increasingly being accepted by all, and gradually integrated into people’s lives in China. The rise of the fast food industry and the rapid development of the Chinese economy is also a very compelling new phenomenon. KFC and McDonald’s fast food companies, the two well-known fast food companies in Chinese market, which was play an important role in Chinese Fast Food market. They attract customers through its good quality and excellent service in China. According to Mcknese consulting report( 2013), current McDonald's has more than 30,000 stores in…show more content…
Secondary research, included online desk research and official documents, is the main methodology used in the business study. For this study, the annual report and reference document of luxury fashion companies, data in published paper, published books and journals are also the main possible sources, as well as the consulting reports from consulting companies and meeting minutes of industrial summit. The financial data is focus on the financial statement on the annual report from leading luxury fashion groups. On one hand, according to Bryman and Bell’s analysis in their book, the secondary research is considered by all business researchers. Desk research offers high-quality data with lower cost and time due to the rational procedure, widely variety of regions and experienced researchers. Meanwhile, secondary analysis offers the opportunity for longitudinal analysis and cross-cultural analysis. Desk research provides wide range of data and research results for this study in the changeable and cross-cultural business environment, in order to identify the development strategies of luxury fashion companies in European countries. At the same time, the unique culture effect Chinese consumer behaviour when they purchase luxury fashion goods. The secondary research from other scholars who

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