Difference Between Kinetic And Kinetic Energy

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These things we use without even knowing we use them is things like our energy. Then when we use these energies we continue to use every day. Then we use triangles everyday to even when we create things to drive our car on and even to draw we use these things on a daily without even knowing.

For my background knowledge I know that you have all different types of energy and there is many different types of colors. I also know that you can have triangles that can go along with angles and height. When doing this you find many different ways to do things.Also knowing that they use triangles for everything they can use all different types of triangles too.
Then you have all the energies like kinetic, potential, gravitational potential.
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Our statistical question was made we had to think about how much the object could weight and how hihet it would be so it would not break the board. With this experiment we are trying to find out how much we can fit into the object or how much the object could weight. Also asking ourselves if we had enough books to keep the boards stable and also asking our self if the object that is a can of small winnes. Which adds up to our statistical question which is ( How long will it take to get the object large/small amount of weight down the ramp.)
My hypothesis is that we can have the can of winners roll perfectly down our ramp.this because it is a very small object and can build lots of speed. And it (the can of wines) they don 't have lots of weight which can increase the possibilities. These are some energy 's / material that you have to know to get also including that you need a ramp books and some sort of object.There are many different types of energy one energy that is most know is kinetic energy and that is ( energy do to movement). For example if there is a bowling ball hitting pins and knocking them over. The second energy that is most known about is potential energy which is (Stored energy due to the interactions of objects or particles). Also another energy to talk about is gravitational energy which is ( Stored energy between a object when close to earth-hight -weight.).
For the procedures for
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