Difference Between Knowing The Gospel And Being Consumed By Gospel

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The title of chapter one is called A People Formed. The authors begin to talk about the difference between knowing the gospel and being consumed by the gospel. They also describe the importance of understanding the gospel and what the gospel means for the church. It is mentioned that “Sin has fractured the ‘shalom’ of the universe. (9)” God spoke and formed an entire “nation”, a community of faith. The gospel creates a collective people. In chapter two, the authors talk about worship and what it means to rejoice. They also describe our fleshly tendency to idolatry. They use the story of the Samaritan woman at the well to depict this. The wrong wells never truly satisfy us, and our worship suffers when we continue to go back to them. It is said that we would rather worship creation than the Creator. The authors also talk about our tendency to try to cover up our sin. We are all to often running from God and simultaneously running towards the things that make the situation worse. In our ignorance we strip God of his authority and power. Chapter three describes community. We are a family of believers that unite despite race, nationality, economics, and politics, because Christ unites us. Out of this divinely constructed community flows God’s plan for humans to be in relationship with one another. The authors mention that a community is only as strong as what it is built upon. They say that, “unity in the gospel is much deeper than surface uniformity (45). ” In Chapter
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