Difference Between Language And Language

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What is language? It is often identified as being “the system of words or signs that people use to express thoughts and feelings to each other” (Language, n.d). Language is how a person communicates, no matter which form is undertaken; whether it is by oral communication, by gestures, by touch or via placing a pen to paper. Therefore, going by this strong definition or ideas of what language is one can state that human’s language is both seen and heard. In conjunction with this idea, it has also been established that there is no such concept as language being static in meaning. Language can be diverse due to different socio economic classes, cultures; factoring in the difference in language across different ages and stages of development. Furthermore, the term ‘World Englishes’ is correct when identifying how the language of ‘English’ has been adapted via certain cultures after being influenced by the United states and United Kingdom. When deciphering what is seen as Standard English, we notice the multiple registers within it. These, are seen as a divide to the classes of society and are easily identified when it comes to differences in the usage of the written and spoken word. This essay will be elaborating on the multiple roles that language has in a child 's lifetime, including communication, thinking, self-discovery, self-regulation in their early learning years and usage of language to navigate around technology and formulate the social skills to be able to…
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