Difference Between Language And Language

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The above statement explains that to understand language, one must learn to view language objectively, without any meaning or context added to the language. This would present the reader or audience with nothing but pure language and with no other meaning or slang that would cause some language to mean something else in a different context. For example, if you were to view language as an object without any social context, then the word ‘book’ is simply a book, a collection of pages that tell a story or provide information. With social context however, a person may say they want to ‘book’ a table at a restaurant, which then means that they want to reserve a table and are not talking about an actual book. This difference between language…show more content…
When children are asked to write, more often than not they prefer to write about things that have actually happened or to recount events as if they’re telling their friends what happened on the weekend. The mistake that most teachers make these days is that they focus too much on the technical aspects of writing, such as grammar, punctuation, and other such things, which are all obviously of great importance when teaching students to write, but it causes the classes to be boring and as such the lesson becomes drastically weaker, with the content not being learned (Gardner, 2014). If the students are allowed to write, they will learn to like and appreciate writing as well as learning the language conventions as they write. Writing also has a big implication for teachers regarding students of different backgrounds, as it gives those students a better way of conveying messages and sharing a little bit of themselves so that they may be better understood and not left on the outside of the classroom due to social conventions. Gee and Hayes (2011) explain that “’language’ can mean different things”, for example it can be oral, recorded, written and it can also refer to the rules that are in place to speak, read and write a language correctly grammatically. They also explain that it can be viewed as “a set of social conventions, shared by a group of people, about how to communicate”. This last way of
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