Difference Between Leadership And Coaching

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Motivating people to achieve what they wouldn’t do naturally is how I view leadership on a very broad level. I base my view on a book I read a long time ago on coaching – but I don’t remember the name. In my experience, there are significant similarities between leadership and coaching. To name a few, both involve motivation, maximization of individual effort as a team, achieving a shared vision, and crossing the finish line together. 2. More specifically, my philosophy includes a few hallmark cornerstones that comprise my leadership foundation which are as follows: • Take care of your people. It seems obvious, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way in real life. Leadership is not about the leader, it’s about the people you lead. After all, if there aren’t any followers, if there isn’t a leader. We’ve all heard the phrase “servant leadership”. That’s probably a good description. I’ve found that when we put our people first, the work gets done. • Be humble. My INTJ style, as deciphered in class, lends itself well to this. As an introvert, being humble comes naturally. It’s not something I’m bragging about. Rather, it is just that way I’m wired – but I find it works. Besides, any accomplishment that I’m recognized for is typically based on my crew’s work anyway. (Last week, reflecting on the LPI-360 session, I came to a conclusion that I wanted to articulate. I’m not sure where to insert it in this paper but it’s related to humility so I’ll fold it in
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