Difference Between Leadership And Management

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similarities and difference between leadership and management: At any organisation manager directed towards goals , resources , organisation structure ,manager is a problem solving and they know what the best way to achieve the result so the people will continue to the organisation , now leadership is simply practical effort to fulfil task . manager will intelligence ,analytical ability , hard work and important thing is manager will tolerance and goodwill, leader attaches almost mystical beliefs to what a leader is assumes that only great people are worthy of the drama of power and politics. so leader is brilliant ,because they are lonely person and they have ability to control of himself as a precondition for controlling others , and…show more content…
Leadership and management have the same qualities ,but are not in the case always . there are some theories related with the leadership and management, some of the theories of leadership make it plain that manager is not leader and a leadership is not management. there are some different theories of leadership and management which are : >Trait theory >Skills theory >Transactional theory >Transformational theory >Situational theory >Contingency theory >path goal theory Trait theory : In this theory is about that people are either born or not born with the qualities that predispose them to success in leadership roles, such as personality and cognitive ability , in the trait theory there is always going some sociability , intelligence, disagreement are consistently cited as key qualities , great leader possess certain traits, the trait theory is about the mot constraining one either is leader or is not leader and though who are not born with the necessary sociability . Skill theory : In this theory the leadership performance key are developed styles , learned skills and acquired knowledge , skill theory bring all the effort and resources devoted to a
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