Difference Between Leadership And Management

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Essay Questions 1. Differentiate between leadership and management by defining each concept and identifying three characteristics of each concept that help explain difference between the concepts. In the opening chapters of Leadership in Organization 8th ed. Gary Yukl clearly rationalizes the difficulties in creating a concrete definition between leadership and management. Both models may operate mutually exclusively or successfully coexist in a fully integrated phenomenon. To effectively differentiate between the two concepts, it is important to highlight management’s responsibility and obligation to meet directives or end goals and leaderships ability to pinpoint the necessity of relationships and place emphasis on the human…show more content…
In managerial roles, a direct representation of management, job descriptions are clearly outlined by required duties and responsibilities. Furthermore, the obligations may be broken into sub-categories such as long-term planning, budgeting and crisis management. Management strives to be precise and organized. By its characterization, management establishes a chain of command, thus eliminating the opportunity for a multi-directional influence. Subordinates receive orders passed from higher and complete them with minimal influence. In contrast to leadership, management may influence moral via productivity incentives or promotion opportunities. Without the leadership connection to its people, management is often viewed as impersonal and incapable of building a “team” environment”. 2. Explain trait, behavior, and power influence approaches to leadership and discuss how each element provide for effective leadership. Trait approach focuses on the qualities such as “ personality, motives, values, and skills” (Yukl, 2013, p. 12) to determine which personality traits can ensure a dynamic leader. Initially, research failed to produce valid results due to ambiguity in classification and collection processes. However, over time enough unambiguous data was compiled to effectively establish a correlation between the listed traits and
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