Difference Between Leadership And Management

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Romel Reece, my former manager for three years. But a leader for four years and counting. Romel was my manager, when I worked for Wetzel’s pretzels as cashier. He then motivated and set goals for me. He then promoted me to shift leader. We worked side by side. The title of his potion meant nothing to him. It did not mean he couldn’t get a bag of dough and start rolling pretzels with me. He was a hands on manager, the front line supervisor to me. He inspired me to become a better leader and when he knew I reached another milestone he then promoted me to Assistant Manager. The difference between leadership and management is that a leader helps the people they lead to find the answer to problems together. Someone who is in a leadership position will go out in the field and find the answer with the rest of the employees. So he or she can better understand what they are trying to accomplish and how they can fulfill the team’s goals and performance together as a team. A leader is the support to the front line staff. A leader helps their team get the training they need, motivate other to get the education they may need to better their career. So they can have more options to move up the ladder. Managers on the other hand are more focused on the objective of the job. Managers also give the solution to their team rather than to help them find the solution. An individual who falls in a management position has four different concerns which are, planning, organization,
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