Difference Between Linguistic And Linguistic Studies

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In the following essay, I am going to present a comparison between two linguistic studies. Constructing another Language-Usage Based Linguistics in Second Language Acquisition by Eskildsen and Sources of Linguistic Knowledge in the second language acquisition of English articles by Ionin, Zubizarreta, and Maldonado are going to be contrasted regarding their theoretical frameworks, research questions and research designs together with the conclusions reached.
Reading the two studies, certain conclusions regarding their theoretical framework can be drawn. The first article provides Usage Based linguistics view of language learning as mainly based on experience and item, with particular formulas used at the beginning and then resulting to general constructions (e.g. Dabrowska 2000; Tomasello 2003; Dabroswka and Lieven 2005). On the other hand, Ionin, Zubbizarreta, and Maldonado, study adopts a theoretical framework that primarily focuses on the aspects of linguistic knowledge, namely the L2-input, L1 transfer and the inherent linguistic knowledge (Universal Grammar) that influence the acquisition of English articles by second language learners.
Each of the studies also examine research questions related to their domains. The first one explores the relationship between the application of Usage-Based linguistics and issues in second language acquisition, as well as “how type and token frequencies used by learners can reflect schematicity of learner language representation”
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