Difference Between Management And Leadership

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Task 1 This part of the assignment will be explaining the difference between management and leadership. Then progressing onto a style of management and leadership, discussing the impact it can have on the staff team, parents and other stakeholders. Management style and leadership style. Managers and leaders are very similar as they both lead staff teams by motivation but they do this in different ways. Managers have more authority with the team and plan, organise and co-ordinate their team to most productivity. A leader has “the ability of a superior to influence the behaviour of subordinates and persuade them to follow a particular course of action.” (Barnard 1938). Leaders lead by example, working well within a team providing…show more content…
Using the managerial grid, it will show an understanding of the managerial approach I take. By knowing my managerial approach, I take it can to help identify ways that within my role I can be more effective and get the most out off my staff team. Task 2 I will be looking at three different conflicts that can occur within the workplace which can be caused within different circumstances. I will look into how we manage this effectively to restore my team’s relationships in the workplace. While doing this I will also be looking into team members working styles to know as a leader myself how to use them to benefit the working team as a whole. First conflict The first conflict I’m going to look into is a room conflict in the workplace, with a staff team with different work styles and opinions. A new room leader has taken over the raising two room and the staff are struggling to work as a team and take on roles and responsibilities which is causing a conflict between the staff. Calling a room meeting to discuss and work forwards, I would start off explaining the issues I feel we are having in the room as a team and ask staff their opinions. Then I would go on to explain the technique we are going to use and the desired outcome I want from the end of the meeting. After researching The “Tuckman’s Stages” (1965) I think this would be a really good strategy
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