Difference Between Mass Killers And Serial Killers

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Abstract The following paper discusses the intricate differences between a mass murderer and a serial killer. The discussion of the mass murderer and the serial killer is backed up with three points in which significant differences are depicted, the intention, the experiences in the earlier stages of life and mass media. The three points will follow the ideals behind the murders and where that spark appear in a murderer’s life. The mass murderer will be depicted in the media and shown as being something influential, especially in the United States. The analysis of the three points will be backed up with two case studies done by Elliot Leyton in his novel, Hunting Humans. The two cases that will back up the thesis statement of intention,…show more content…
Henry Lee Lucas, who was said to have killed 300 hundred women, used the attention from mass media in order to show how much he wanted death. Though lying about the number of murders, the amount he would tell showed how he wanted to prove himself and how much of a danger he was to others. His intention of murdering lies upon the need to spread his want for a way out, an exit from the life of murdering which is through death. Within Leyton’s novel, he displays a desperate attempt to show people how much he wanted death and how screwed up his life is. His determination of moving the media enough for death displays how he falls into the category of Leyton definition of mass murderer. When Lucas would discuss his victims, the victims were close to an aspect that Leyton talks about in his work. Leyton depicts that, “although the mass murderer usually does not know his victim…their selection is not random or coincidental. He often perceives his victims as having attributes which torment him” (Walsh, 7-2). Lucas went after the loved ones he found to be similar to Leyton’s quote. The disturbing aspect of going after family members, displays his desperate need and attempt to want to end his life. The source of his torment was not enough and by lying about his number of victims, they fall under Leyton’s category of mass murderer. Serial killers are

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