Difference Between Mayora And Mayora

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Mayora VS Delta Djakarta The Food and Beverages sector is one of the most important industries in the world economy. The food and beverage industry encompass the harvesting, processing, milling, packaging, transport and distribution of products to consumers. This includes fresh, prepared foods as well as packaged foods, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It is a complex, global collective of diverse businesses that supplies most of the food consumed by the world population. (C) Mayora and Delta Djakarta are both well-known companies of this sector. These companies are listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) with their respective codes (MYOR) and (DLTA) (C). As the both of them are rivals in the industry, myriad of detailed analysis to compare and contrast the financial statement of the companies are as follows. This includes the liquidity or ability of a firm to overcome its current obligations, and its durability which is the company’s ability to repay its debts and other obligations. Since 1948, Mayora has been growing globally over 90 countries. Serving goodness and happiness for more than 65 years. Mayora is now recognised as a global company with diverse products that is divided into 8 categories. Among their well-known brands are Kopiko, Danisa, Roma, Energen, Torabika, Beng Beng and more.…show more content…
In order to opera Mayora, the company needs to raise long term bank loans. These are fund by 6 banks. As of December 2016, Mayora owes 1.796.385.000.000 Rupiah in total. Whereas, Delta Djakarta has not taken any loans to fund their business and been using their equity for developments. Although, the two of the companies present their financial statement in similar manner, Delta Djakarta applies more PSAK standards in comparison to Mayora which employs less of these standards. Moreover, as of equity Mayora provides 50% more authorized and issued shares compare to Delta Djakarta.
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