Difference Between Men And Women

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A preeminent manager should posess admirable management abilities. Gardner (1995, cited in Werhane and Painter-Morland, 2011:1) states leaders as, ‘individuals who significantly influence the thoughts, behaviors, and/or feelings of others’. Even though male managers still account for the larger proportion, there is growing number of women taking the place of men in leadership nowadays. There was only 1 female CEO in the Fortune 500 companies in 1996, the number were raised to 12 in 2010 and raised further to 26 in the latest 2014 list (Fortune, 2015). Whether men are more suitable than women to play the role as leaders in the company and whether men’s manager abilities are greater than women’s abilities? Gender diversity causes differences in managerial methods between men and women, and I suggest that men and women are both trustworthy managers, the difference purely depends on their enterprise developing program. In this essay, I will dissect the difference between men and women in their leadership typifing and their management capacity.

Rosener(1990,cited in Werhane and Painter-Morland,2011) has specialized in men and women’s leadership style as a transactional and transformation, which is both used by managers in different time and situations.(Phoosawad et al,2014). Avolio and Bass (2004,cited in Cuadrado et al., 2015:237) point out that, ‘transactional leadership includes two dimensions in contingent reward and active management by exception.’ These two components…
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